“Can you please give me a cup of coffee?”

“Please arrange these files and give them back to me afterwards, okay?”

“Can you order food for us and have it delivered here?”

These are the things you wish you don’t want to hear during your internship. You are there not to get unlimited errands from people in the workplace but to use what you have learned at school and actually work there if you’ll get the offer.Here at XS Multimedia, we bring you a different experience like no other. We make you a part of our team as a junior employee.
Students taking up Advertising from University of Santo Tomas and Visual Communication at University of the Philippines-Diliman respectively, share their thoughts about their internship with us. Here are Trizsa Maala, Jezca Enriquez, Derrick Yap and Shannah Orencio’s take.

On choosing XS Multimedia to have their internship
Trizsa: At first, I was dubious about the internship because XS Multimedia, based on its branding, looked a bit scary and intimidating. But when I got there for the interview, I realized that I would be missing something great if I let the opportunity pass.

Derrick: I decided to have my internship at XS Multimedia because I can sense that it is a fun-filled workplace. People who are working there can find the balance between work and play.

Shannah: I chose XS Multimedia, first and foremost, for its bold and unique branding and identity as an advertising agency. As seen on their website that I have encountered whilst researching, I was quite impressed by its unique image. Its distinctness had a huge impact on me. Plus, the skulls and color scheme really matches my preference. Most of all, the “Fifth Hardest Working Start Up Company in the World” was truly the icing on top.

On their expectations before the internship
Trizsa: XS Multimedia did not meet my expectations but surpassed them instead. I was anticipating that I would only be spending my whole internship making coffee and fetching stuff for the bosses, I ended up learning stuff and having fun simultaneously. I never thought that doing the actual work would be possible.

Jezca: I was expecting that the people from XS Multimedia would be as strict and serious as their posts, but I was wrong especially when we got interviewed by Sir Chris. In the course of the internship, we were given challenging tasks. Unlike in working with our school plates, I thought that I’ll get sick and tired in accomplishing them but it turns out that I feel like I am not working at all. We don’t mind feeling a bit stressed as the atmosphere in XS Multimedia makes us very eager to go to work everyday. These sums up to concluding that XS Multimedia has exceeded my expectations.

Derrick: I already expected that a lot of projects will be assigned to us in order to enhance our skills in using different editing software. Not only XS Multimedia has met my expectations but exceeded them based on what I have experienced. Aside from learning editing techniques, I also learned how to have a healthy working relationship with people as well.

On what they have learned from the internship
Trizsa: During my internship, I learned how to be a team player. Cliché it may sound, but teamwork is very important, especially when you are working in an advertising agency.

Derrick: I have learned not to stick to following rules. Sometimes, you have to be disorganized, weird or even be your insane self since you can gain ideas from those moods.

Shannah: I have learned more about using Photoshop than from my college professors in my three years as a design student as well as being more oriented about branding, visual language, customer experience, company story, image, visual storytelling, how to make videos, IMC’s and a whole lot more that I haven’t learned from school. Also, I love watching the employees do their thing at work and from that, I can learn something new everyday. I am pretty sure that the knowledge and wisdom that the mentors and Sir Chris have shared to us were all absorbed and are now well kept in my arsenal, ready to be applied on my future endeavors as a designer.

On their experience during the whole internship
Trizsa: Fun would be an understatement on how awesome the internship was, but I don’t know how else to say it. Working overtime and extending our internship period didn’t feel like work at all. It was great. No, an awesome learning experience I had at XS Multimedia and I’m so happy I had the chance to spend my internship there.

Jezca: My orientation about the internship is only preparing coffee and following what your boss is asking you to do. But as Sir Chris has promised, it was the opposite and we really did enjoy. We were given a lot of tasks related to our chosen course. Most of the tasks were really challenging that we had to work overtime but we did not notice how time passes by. We worked in groups in an IMC campaign project on our supposed to be last week of internship. We have presented to the actual client and this was the highlight of my internship. After that, we realized how lucky we are that we are at XS and decided to extend our stay even before this IMC project. This is where I literally saw fun in stress because I had fun spending the night finishing the projects.

People who work here have the bragging rights about their talents and skills but they don’t do so. They were willing to share their knowledge to us. I can say that internship in XS Multimedia was really worth it. The coolest part is that they celebrate interns’ graduation—spending our last day of not doing any work-related stuff but to have fun wherein cool prizes, trophies and other surprising awards were given. XS Multimedia is the complete opposite of people’s stereotype on advertising companies.

All the things we learned from XS Multimedia will surely help us through our thesis and in the future. We were lucky to be chosen as interns among those who have applied.

Shannah: For less than a month, the experience in the world of advertising and visual communication was a real eye-opener for me as a design student. Even though I had a bit of a rough time adjusting to the working environment, I enjoyed the experience immensely. I loved the good vibes in the air, the place and the inspiring people. I loved that I have learned as much as I have enjoyed it.

Internship is what a student goes through before he/she gets to experience what it is like to work in the real world. Either a part of a course curriculum or to beef up your resume, you need to choose the best company possible for your on-the-job training.